2016 Gardening Class Schedule
Classes are scheduled form 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

13 FEB      Gardening 101 (Introduction) -  Planning your garden

Let’s get started building the plan for your garden. Getting prepared. Discuss size, space, location, sun requirements, water requirements, soil, fertilizers and what the numbers mean to your garden, soil amendments, tools, garden pest and friends. Create a plan that will ensure the garden thrives 10 mos. of the year. (Get your soil tested)

20 FEB       Planting the seeds 

The entire gardening experience begins here. Let’s talk about planting seeds for the garden. From sowing the seed to harvest the fruit. ($10.00 fee for materials) 

05 MAR     Gardening 101 -  Preparing the garden bed for planting

Discuss building open and enclosed beds, the advantages and disadvantages of each. Plan for garden accessories (trellis/Cages/Stakes). Identify problems before planting.  

19 MAR    Gardening 101 -  Planning for spring vegetables

Discuss size and space requirements. Learn companion planting and maximize the use of space in your garden, the importance of pollinators and how to attract them. 

02 APR     Herb Gardening/Container Gardening - Learn to create successful long lasting container gardens.

Learn how to select the plants and proper container. Learn about companion planting. Discuss the many types of flowers and herbs that are available and grow well in our area. Learn the proper care requirements to maintain your container garden and how to coordinate color and texture of the plants you have selected.  

16 APR    Gardening 101 -  Small space Gardening (Vertical and Square foot gardening) 

Planting a vegetable garden in a large container or small raised bed. Discuss square foot gardening and Vertical gardening. Learn to find space where there is none. In this class we will plant the Spring garden. Be prepared to get your hands dirty.

23 APR   Organic Gardening/Composting-  Learn the meaning of organic gardening 

Discuss soil, fertilizers and overall care of an organic garden. Learn ways to control pest without chemicals. Learn the difference between Organic and Natural Gardening. Learn how to build a compost bin, use kitchen, lawn and garden waste to build compost that will provide useful nutrients to garden soil. Create your own “Black Gold”.

14 MAY   Gardening 101 -   (Extending the season)

Discuss succession planting. What can we do now to extend our garden season? We will also talk of mid-season feeding, what the plant needs from the soil.

18 Jun    Gardening 101 -   Planning and planting a Fall Garden  (Cool weather crops)

Planning the fall vegetable garden. Selecting the plants. Learn what vegetables grow well in our area during the fall and winter months. Discuss the advantages of and, learn to build a hoop house for your garden.  

Gardening 101 has been rescheduled for February 13, 2016